Freight Services appoints Jarmo Halonen as Chief Operating Officer

Greencarrier Freight Services has promoted Jarmo Halonen to the role of Chief Operating Officer, with combined responsibility for the company’s air, ocean, road and rail freight activities.

This is the first time the four modes have been brought under the control of one director. 

Mr Halonen, formerly Group Director Road Freight, says: “We felt that it was important to bring together all the services we offer to ensure we can focus on our international growth and strengthen our product offering.”

He continues:  “This appointment also streamlines the communication between our international organization and the many countries in which it operates.”

Greencarrier Freight Services, one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned companies specialising in global transport solutions, has been growing steadily and now employs 625 people in13 countries. 

For further information please contact:
Sofia Schultz
Marketing & Communications
Tel:  +46 (0) 31 85 79 44

Jarmo appt press release rev.pdf

Meet us at TransRussia exhibition in Moscow

TransRussia is a massive event where the leading transport and freight forwarding companies and major cargo owners are brought together. This year’s exhibition will be held 19-22 April at Crocus Expo Center in Moscow.

We will be there with our own Greencarrier stand representing both Greencarrier Liner Agency and Greencarrier Freight Services. You are welcome to B319 at Pavilion 1, hall 3, where you can meet representatives from our offices in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

If you are planning to visit Moscow and TransRussia, please contact your sales representative at Greencarrier to set up a meeting with us. You can get your free ticket here.

Exhibition opening hours:
19-21 April 10:00 – 18:00
22 April 10:00 – 17:00

Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow!


Greencarrier logistic partner to Challenge Nordic - triathlon races!

Last week Greencarrier entered into a sponsorship with Challenge Nordic which is a triathlon series.

The partnership means that Greencarrier will be their main logistic partner and arrange all the transports for the races in 2016.

The triathlon races during 2016 takes place in the following cities:

- Denmark, Billund-Herning 12/6 

- Iceland, Reykjavik 23/7

- Denmark, Fredericia 6/8 

- Finland, Turku 14/8 

- Norway, Tønsberg 27/8 

Read the press release here.

Greencarrier ranked on the Gazelle list of fastest growing companies

For the second time Greencarrier Lithuania was included on the list of fastest growing companies in Lithuania which is made and published by the Lithuanian business newspaper Verslo Zinios.

A Gazelle is a rapidly growing company that has increased its turnover and profit margin by at least 20 per cent in the past three years. In the Gazelle 2015 Greencarrier Liner Agency LT was ranked at 279th with a turnover increase of 231% over the period 2011-2014 and Greencarrier Freight Services LT was ranked at 936th with a turnover increase of 105% over the same period.

Each nominated company was evaluated through certain criteria, in the form of taxes, stable growth of annual income and profit, as well as their contribution towards the development of each Lithuanian region or economic sector. When selecting the nominees also business transparency and openness to public are important factors in the evaluation.

The number of Gazelles is growing in Lithuania. 2014 the Gazelle TOP listed 2998 companies and in 2015 4042 companies were listed.

Congratulations to Greencarrier Lithuania for a great achievement!

The Gazelle movement originated in the USA where David Birch coined the term and where the first fast growth companies were selected in the 1990s. The Gazelle movement values fast growth companies since they are the ones who create most new jobs in a society. As small or mid-sized companies, they also determine the diversity of the economy. From the USA the Gazelle movement has spread to Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Poland and Russia.

Greencarrier China in the Corporate Social Responsibility White Pap

Greencarrier Shanghai has been selected to be included in the Corporate Social Responsibility White Paper of Swedish Enterprises in China. A selection of companies have been included in the Corporate Social Responsibility White Paper of Swedish Enterprises in China. One of the main reason to select Greencarrier Shanghai is of course due to our effort and our outstanding performance on the group level as well as in China for CSR projects with Swedish embassy and many Swedish big enterprises for the CSR related work. Congratulations to Heather and her team for the acknowledgement!

For more information please view the CSR White Paper of Swedish Enterprises in China

CSR White Paper

Greencarrier Freight Services opens new distribution hub in Szczecin.

Greencarrier Freight Services opens new distribution hub in Szczecin, Poland - and wins contract with Oktan Wines Greencarrier Freight Services has expanded its presence in Poland with the opening of a 1,000 sq m distribution hub in the major port of Szczecin, in the north-west of the country. 

The Scandinavian logistics specialist will initially use the facility to handle imported wine for its new client Oktan Wines, but Szczecin has the capacity to offer the full range of transport and warehousing services to a wide range of clients.

Greencarrier Freight Services managing director for Poland, Arkadiusz Prejna, says: “The Polish market is extremely competitive so Greencarrier is delighted to have won the Oktan Wines contract.  Oktan sells about 250-300 different wines from many countries, so we will be handling containers arriving at the port from Argentina, Chile and South Africa, as well as loads arriving by road from throughout Europe.”

Oktan offers European products from Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Georgia and Italy. Its customers include the biggest Polish chain stores, boutique shops, restaurants and hotels as well as a growing number of online sales.

Rafał Malawski of Oktan Wines says: “We have been in the Polish market since 2008 and are always looking for ways to improve our service to our customers and to be more cost-effective. We have been impressed by Greencarrier’s ability to react quickly to our changing demands and we feel the team we are working with will offer a high quality, reliable service.”

Greencarrier Freight Services has been operating in Poland since 2012, offering the full range of transport and warehousing services – sea, air, road and rail – from a variety of locations. Its main office is in Warsaw, with a 5,000 sq m facility nearby in Dąbrówka. It also handles sea freight at the port of Gdynia and has a road freight and cross-docking facility at Katowice.

As well as the new facility at Szczecin on the Baltic Sea, Greencarrier is also opening a road freight operation at Poznań. The developments are part of its continuing strategy to expand its presence in Central and Eastern Europe.

Grzegorz Sas, Greencarrier Freight Services Project Manager for Szczecin, is confident the site will soon attract more clients. “Szczecin is ideally located to handle goods flowing between Scandinavia and Poland as well as for the deepsea markets. Greencarrier has a lot of experience and expertise in all modes of transport so we can always find the best logistics solution for any client.”

This release can also be downloaded from: 

Photographs are available to download at 

The caption for the photographs is:

         “Oktan Wines stored in the new Greencarrier Freight Services depot in Szczecin.”

PR Greencarrier Szczecin.pdf

IT system maintenance

We will perform an extensive IT system maintenance on Saturday October 10th, between 8-21 CET. During this time we will not be able to receive e-mail or data transmissions.

Greencarrier joins the Clean Shipping Network

Cargo owners and forwarders are welcome to become members of the Clean Shipping Network. This is a growing association of corporations which have decided to utilize the Clean Shipping Index in their sea transport procurement. Having a supply chain oriented environmental strategy is one of the most important motives for joining the network.


Read the pressrelease here

New Green Transport Solution with Eco-trucks in Finland

Anyone unfamiliar with the issue might not immediately realise why the environment might be grateful for a 33 metre long truck weighing 90 tonnes and why it’s called an Eco-truck. However, Speed’s Eco-truck lives up to its Eco name. Green clients are delighted to see their consignments shipped this way.

A trial of Eco trucks aimed at cutting carbon emissions in container transport was launched under an exception permit from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency in November 2013. This is a five-year project whose aim is to produce accurate information on fuel consumption and the potential for the vehicles to use biofuel. The results look promising. Emissions of large capacity combinations per tonne transported are clearly lower than other transport. There is a sign on the back of the truck that says “Long vehicle”. It may also read “Green transport”

More at a time
The sections of road on which the Eco-truck is permitted to travel are clearly defined. One of the routes for which a permit has been granted runs between Vuosaari (port of Helsinki) and Vierumäki.  When Greencarrier contacts Speed to transport two 40’ containers from Versowood’s sawmill in Vierumäki to port of Helsinki, there are two options. Two trucks leave on the journey, between them consuming 80 l fuel per 100 km. If an Eco-truck is used it can take both 40’ containers at once and consume 48 l fuel per 100 km. Using an Eco-truck, containers can be transported with a 40% cut in greenhouse gases.

“When driving an Eco-truck combination, consumption is approximately 18% larger than with a semi-trailer. However, it can transport twice the amount of goods. Efficiency is markedly improved compared with the normal combination.  There has also been a significant drop in the amount of empty driving,” says Speed Group Oy managing director Tuomo Vallas.

Speed started the trial with one Eco-truck and now the permit covers four vehicles.

Respecting the environment together
Greencarrier wants to take responsibility for the environment. Protecting the environment is a central and important part of the company’s operations. Together with the shipping line it represents, Evergreen Line, the company  wants to find green, eco-friendly solutions for its customers, where the central issue is a way of working that is efficient, economic and respects the environment. These solutions are innovative in various ways and use the latest technology in the sector.

Evergreen Line was the first ocean shipping line to incorporate sustainable development and environmental technology in its operations. It has always invested in technology that guarantees energy efficiency and operations that protect the environment.

“We approached our partner company Speed as we were interested in the Eco-truck project, whose environmental impacts are immediate and concrete and will in the long term benefit everyone involved. If we gain a network of Eco-trucks in Finland, it will ensure the competitiveness of our customers and simultaneously clearly place a lower burden on the environment,” says Greencarrier Liner Agency Finland’s managing director Tuomas Timgren.

Container streams growing in the sawmill industry
At Versowood too the Eco-truck project is seen as an efficient means of transport for the future with a sustainable environmental impact.

“A larger and larger amount of international transport is by container, where longer transport journeys are raising the importance of green issues. Container transport is the most sustainable mode of transport from an environmental perspective and if we gain a wide-ranging network of Eco-trucks in Finland, it will help us to stay competitive in the international market,” says export director Matti Iso-Kuusela from the Versowood group.

Versowood’s customers, particularly in Europe and the Far East, are interested in wood as a material precisely because it is organic and this may open up new business opportunities in the future.

Finland’s wood industry is the cornerstone of the whole bioeconomy and Versowood’s operations are based purely on raw materials obtained from nature, using wood from the forest, respecting nature down to the last shaving. The natural world and sustainable development are part of Versowood’s day-to-day operations and the company wants to be involved in supporting green values.

Further information:
Greencarrier Liner Agency Finland Oy, managing director Tuomas Timgren phone +358 40 50 50 320

Versowood Group Oy, export director Matti Iso-Kuusela phone +358 50 3587160,

Speed Oy, managing director Tuomo Vallas, phone +358 400 499 011,

Facts about Eco-trucks
- Length 33 metres
- Max weight 90 tonnes
- Axle weight, turning circle and height do not differ from a normal truck
- Drive on precisely defined routes under a permit from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency
- Can transport two 40’ shipping containers at the same time, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by an impressive 40 percent

Versowood  Group Oy
Versowood Group is Finland’s largest privately owned wood processing group, an international organisation and an innovative pioneer in the industry. Every year we procure approximately 3.3 million cubic metres of Finnish spruce and pine which we process into approximately 1.3 million cubic metres of sawn timber. The timber is harvested from certified Finnish forests, respecting the environment and making full use of the raw material. In addition to the production of sawn timber and various further processed sawn timber products, we also produce glulam, wooden packaging products, telephone and electricity poles, wooden bridges, as well as pellets and other energy products.

Versowood’s turnover is approximately EUR 350 million and the company employs approximately 750 people in 10 units in Finland and 2 in Estonia.

Speed Oy
Speed Oy is a transport professional specialising in inland (road) transports of sea containers by truck. The privately owned company founded in 1992 offers, develops and produces high quality unit transport services for shipping lines, their representatives, major Finnish import and export companies and forwarding agents. The company employs 15 people and runs a total of about 60 vehicles in different parts of Finland. Transport in 2014 amounted to approximately 65 000 TEU with a turnover of EUR 12.5 million. The number of kilometres driven per year would circle the globe 188 times.




Comments and initiatives regarding interpretations of EU rules

Regarding articles published in different Swedish papers about green transportations between Turkey and Sweden we would like to comment and also bring forward our taken initiatives.

Greencarrier’s attention that a preinvestigation has been started towards our partner, the Turkish Logistic provider Ekol and ourselves Greencarrier Freight Services International.

The question essentially concerns whether the EU rules for combined transports are applicable and if the transport in accordance with such rules should be considered as one combined transport from Turkey to Sweden or whether the final leg of the transport taking place in Sweden should be regarded as a separate transport. The issue also involves in what way international licences can be applied in respect of carriage of goods in Sweden.

“Until we have reached clarity regarding the current legislation, we are changing the tractor units to Swedish or EU registrated units for the final leg to and from the Swedish ferry ports. From today it is in full operation. On behalf of Ekol and ourselves we are sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused our customers”, says Peter Nevhagen, CEO Greencarrier Freight Services International AB.
The traffic set up Ekol has for Sweden, which also includes their own vehicles and drivers based in Sweden, has repeatedly been examined by legal experts and found to be in line with current legislation in the EU.
If the law changes Greencarrier and Ekol are obviously keen to adapt to the changes in regulations. 
Greencarrier has ordered the relevant transport services in order to be performed for its customers. Should these transports prove to have been performed in violation of current legislation, it may involve liability under the Commercial Traffic Act for Greencarrier in its capacity as buyer of the services.

Background information 
The Turkish Logistic company Ekol has, since the company was established in 1990, enjoyed strong growth with an expected revenue this year of more than MEUR 400 with 6000 employees. Ekol’s innovative management has developed a range of new services between Turkey and the rest of Europe. Example of this is its own ro-ro line between Istanbul and Trieste, which employs five own ferries. A wide range of destinations in Europe, including Sweden, are served by dedicated block train from Trieste. Ekol’s and Greencarrier’s joint market share for the traffic between Turkey and Sweden is over 30%.
For further information, please contact
Peter Nevhagen
Greencarrier Freight Services International AB
+46 708 85 00 89

Sofia Schultz
Greencarrier Freight Services International AB
+46 707 73 32 40

Greencarrier Freight Services offers flexible transport and logistics solutions by road, air and ocean including Oil & Gas Projects and Terminal & Port Logistics. Greencarrier Freight Services is a team of 600 employees in 14 countries with an revenue of 287 MEUR.

Press Release 150603.pdf

Greencarrier Freight Services strengthens management team

Greencarrier Freight Services strengthens management team to accelerate its growth programme Greencarrier Freight Services has appointed Mikael Forsberg as its first head of global sales as it seeks to develop a stronger international profile. It has also promoted Jarmo Halonen to the role of Group Director Road Freight


Greencarrier Freight Services has appointed Mikael Forsberg as its first head of global sales as it seeks to develop a stronger international profile. It has also promoted Jarmo Halonen to the role of Group Director Road Freight.

Mr Forsberg, who takes the title of Chief Commercial Officer, will be responsible for the execution and development of the global sales strategy and has been tasked with achieving some ambitious growth targets. He was formerly Nordic Chief Commercial Officer for Damco and has a strong track record and extensive experience in working internationally.

Mr Halonen, the new Group Director Road Freight, has an extensive knowledge of the European road freight market over the past two decades. He joined Greencarrier three years ago as Managing Director of Freight Services in Finland. “We have a very ambitious plan to become a serious road freight operator in Europe over the next three years,” says Mr Halonen.

Greencarrier Freight Services, one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned companies specializing in global transport solutions, has been growing steadily over the last few years and is now employs 800 people operating in 14 countries.

CEO Peter Nevhagen says: “We have a very strong presence in Scandinavia, the Baltics and, increasingly, in Eastern Europe. Our strategy is to accelerate this growth, particularly, by targeting road freight in Western Europe and extending our global services further.”

Greencarrier already offers a wide range of sea and air freight services, with a particular expertise in Central Asia and China, and Mr Forsberg will be leading the team to expand the company’s presence in other regions.

The management team will be further expanded before the end of the year as Greencarrier is also in the process of recruiting a new manager in China.

This release can also be downloaded from:

Photographs are available to download at

For further information please contact:
Sofia Schultz
Marketing & Communications
Tel:  +46 (0) 31 85 79 44

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Come meet us at the Logistics & Transport fair in Lillestrøm, Norway

On 11-12 th of February you can visit Greencarrier Freight Services at the easyFairs Logistics & Transport in stand B01-32.


Click on the image below to get your ticket to the exhibition for free:


Here you can read the exhibitor catalogue to see who's participating in the exhibition.

Greencarrier Poland introduces more environmentally-friendly vehicles

Greencarrier Freight Services Poland is introducing dual fuel vehicles to help clothing company Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) reduce its carbon footprint.


Greencarrier has been working with Holak, one of its dedicated partner hauliers, to fit the Solaris Diesel (LPG and diesel) system and the vehicles are now being calibrated for optimum performance.

Wojciech Siebeneichen of Greencarrier Freight Services Poland SP. Z O.O. says his company was keen to meet H&M’s requirements to reduce its CO2 emissions.

“We looked at a range of options and decided the installation of the dual fuel system was the best solution. Not only does this system ensure that we will reduce vehicle emissions, it also cuts fuel consumption by at least 10%.”

The Solaris Diesel system has been chosen for its ease of use and low maintenance as well as its ability to increase power and torque. Once the calibrations are finished and the exact performance statistics are published, Greencarrier expects some of its other haulier contractors will also get their vehicles converted.

Mr Siebeneichen says: “Greencarrier is an innovative company so we are always working with our suppliers and partners to offer the most technologically advanced and cost efficient systems in the market.”

Greencarrier, a private company offering global transport solutions with offices throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as well as in the UK and China, has identified the environment as one of the cornerstones in its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and sustainability work.

Mr Siebeneichen adds: “We are very excited about the introduction of these dual-fuel vehicles and we are offering all our dedicated haulier suppliers as much help as we can so that they will adopt this eco-innovative solution.”

For further information please contact:

Greencarrier Freight Services Poland
Arkadiusz  Prejna
Managing Director Poland
Tel: +48 692 441 000

Greencarrier Freight Services International AB
Sofia Schultz
Marketing & Communications
Tel:  +46 31 857 9 44

Greencarrier participates in Shanghai Transport & Logistics Fair

Welcome to visit us at Shanghai Transport & Logistic Fair in Shanghai, P.R. China.

Our stand will be located at N2.601 so please feel free to meet representat...ives from our company.

Opening hours are 17th to 19th of June between 09.00-17:00

You can get your free ticket to entrance by visiting:

Looking forward to see you in Shanghai next week.

Greencarrier Graduate Scholarship at Swedish Chamber in Hong Kong

Greencarrier is awarding a HK$100,000 Internship Grant at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in 2014/2015 to a recently graduated university student.

The winner will be invited to complete a ten-month internship at the Chamber, starting September 1, 2014 until 30 June 2015.  The grant will be distributed in ten monthly installments to support the recipient’s living expenses.  

The Internship Grant highlights the long-term presence, commitment and spearhead position of Swedish businesses in Hong Kong and South China.  It also highlights the instrumental part played by the Chamber in advancing Swedish interests in the region during the past quarter of a century.
Said Greencarrier chairman & co-owner, Mr. Stefan Björk:
”We have a focus on the trade between Sweden and China and we want to develop and strengthen our presence here. The Greencarrier Internship Grant is a natural step in our long term cooperation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and we are happy to provide this opportunity to a motivated student.”

Said Chamber chairman, Mr. Ulf Ohrling:
”We are proud of our vibrant member body and our numerous activities, publications and events throughout the year. With the Greencarrier Internship Grant we intend to create an opportunity for a talented young professional to come to Hong Kong and participate in our inspiring mission.”

Recent university graduates with a demonstrated interest in Hong Kong and Greater China are welcome to apply for the Internship Grant.  Detailed application instructions are found on the Chamber website,

April, 2014

Greencarrier &
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Greencarrier Freight Services strengthens organisation in Norway

Greencarrier AB, which until now has operated as two separate organisations in Norway for its freight forwarding and logistics activities, has decided to merge them as one entity. The new combined organisation will form a part of the Greencarrier Freight Services division. Peter Nevhagen, CEO, Greencarrier Freight Services said: “By pooling our strengths, we can offer all of our customers the widest possible range of services. It will make us stronger and pave the way for new business opportunities.”

He adds that the merger will make it easier for customers to do business with the Greencarrier Group. “It ensures our products and services are more transparent to our customers and the outside world.” 

The legal name of the merged organisation is Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS with Kåre Thuesen as MD.  Kåre Thuesen says:

 “We are excited by this development. It is a logical step as, in the past, the two companies have offered both complementary and similar services and products but operated in different geographical locations. The merger paves the way for a more unified approach and the larger geographical footprint enables us to offer our customers a wide product range with a local presence. It will also simplify the processes for our suppliers, as they now will relate to Greencarrier’s forwarding and logistics activities in one company.”

Øyvind Lygre, the former CEO of Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics, will take responsibility for port logistics and related activities. He will have a crucial role in developing the company's geographic expansion in Norway.

Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS has about 150 employees, with offices and facilities in Bergen, Drammen, Kristiansand, Larvik, Moss, Oslo and Stavanger.

Greencarrier Freight Services, headquartered in Sweden, is part of one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned global transport companies, Greencarrier AB. It has offices throughout the Nordic region as well as in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and China and employs 600 people.

Over the past three years Greencarrier AB, which has expanded through both acquisition and organic growth, has been working to streamline its organisation. The group, which was founded in 2000, employs 800 people in 14 countries.

Peter Nevhagen went on to say: “We feel it is important to create a better structure and greater clarity, both internally and externally. This change and the others we have made are positive for us as a company as well as for our staff, our customers and our suppliers.”


For further information please contact:
Christina Thulin
Corporate Communications
Tel:  +46 (0) 705 84 01 40

Issued by:
Dunelm Public Relations Ltd
162 Hill House
210 Upper Richmond Road
London SW15 6NP
Tel:  +44 20 7859 4186

   On behalf of:
Greencarrier AB
Corporate Communications
PO Box 1076
405 22 Göteborg
Tel:  +46 31 85 79 00 
Fax: +46 31 42 61 27

Greencarrier continues growth strategy with office in Belarus

Greencarrier Freight Services, one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned global transport companies, has opened an office in Minsk, Belarus.


The company has expanded through both organic growth and acquisition since it was founded in 2000 and Belarus marks the 14th country where it has its own offices.


Peter Nevhagen, CEO, Greencarrier Freight Services, says: “Our strategy is to develop our services in line with customer demand. We are expanding our office structure, especially in Eastern Europe, to ensure we can offer the best possible customer service.


“It is a natural expansion of our business in Lithuania to set up an office in Minsk. We have managed cargo flows into and out of Belarus over the last few years and have studied the market carefully. We know that now the time is right to launch Greencarrier Freight Services BEL.”


The Belarus operation will initially run as a subsidiary of Greencarrier’s Lithuanian office which is headed by managing director Marijus Zilinskas.


“The intention is to strengthen our existing products by being closer to our customers,” says Mr Zilinskas. “We will offer the full range of services including containerised ocean freight, ro-ro ocean services and air freight. We will have our own consolidation services from China and other LCL services through our worldwide network of agents.”


Greencarrier expects the main markets for road freight – from a single pallet to full truck loads – to be to/from Scandinavia, UK, Baltics and Poland.


Aurimas Digrevicius, Greencarrier’s branch manager in Vilnius for the last four years, will run the Belarus operation on the ground and he is currently recruiting staff for the Minsk office.


Mr Nevhagen says he expects Belarus to be another successful addition to Greencarrier Freight Services. “We make sure that we have the resources internally and the customer base externally when we make the decision to expand into another country. Our most recent launch was in Poland in 2012 when we acquired Transpoint International and that has proved an excellent move for both Greencarrier and our customers.”


Greencarrier Freight Services, headquartered in Sweden, has about 600 employees in 14 countries with offices throughout Scandinavia as well as in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and now Belarus.


Office details:
Greencarrier Freight Services BEL
Tsimirazyeva str. 67-94, office #601,


Tel:       +375 17 33 68 000
Mobile: +375 29 35 39 777


For further information contact:


Greencarrier Freight Services LT UAB
Marijus Zilinskas
Managing Director
Tel: +370 (46) 24 69 99


Greencarrier Freight Services International AB
Peter Nevhagen
Tel: +46 31 857 989


Greencarrier Freight Services International AB
Sofia Schultz
Marketing & Communications
Tel:  +46 31 857 9 44


Possibility Day and Kick-start for Stavanger Branch

On January 30 the new office in Stavanger arranged a Possibility Day for invited customers and partners. Greencarrier AB´s CEO Bjørn Eklund, and the CEO of Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics Øyvind Lygre contributed at the Possibility Day and for the kick-start for the new Stavanger Branch last week.

"Greencarrier will commit ourselves to the Oil & Gas and Project market and to the customers in Stavanger region. We are not here for some months or a few years, but we consider this market and the region to be a long term investment and of strategic importance which support our future business plans in the Greencarrier Group", Mr. Eklund said in front of around 40 key customer representatives.

It was a pleasure for Georg S Moltu, Global Head of Energy & Projects to welcome customers and partners to the brand new offices in Forus, more exactly Røynebergsletta 33. From this strategic located  office in the heart of the oil & gas business in Nordic, the local staff will run the newest department of Greencarrier´s Norwegian organization. The oil & gas sector is heavily concentrated in the same area, from where a large number of billions NOK is being invested into the offshore sector this year.

Revitalization oil & gas
"Stavanger is the latest addition to the Greencarrier Group, and we intend to stay here for a long time", said the CEO in Greencarrier Shipping and Logistics, Mr Øyvind Lygre. He gave an impressive summary of the history and traditions of the different departments making up Greencarrier Shipping and Logistics in Norway.

"Last year Greencarrier in Norway was approx 220 employees, had a turnover of 1,2 billion NOK and handled 150,000 containers and controlled 45,000 of them", Mr. Lygre said. "At the moment we revitalize our oil & gas business and efforts, and we are sure by establishing a Stavanger office, makes the revitalization and ambitious business plans less difficult, Yes we are sure it’s possible", Mr. Lygre stated.

An attitude to succeed
According to Mr. Eklund, Greencarrier´s personnel and their knowledge and attitude are the company´s strongest competitive advantage. "Our personnel is just as important as our systems, and this creates involvement, commitment and hopefully humor and joy every day", Mr. Eklund said. He further explained the slogan "Yes, it's possible": "The slogan expresses our attitude, which is a firm conviction to succeed on the behalf of our customers. We are sure we can be a professional challenger to the global logistics players in the Oil & Gas Industry, that’s at least our ambition", Mr Eklund said.

Business Devlopment
Mr. Georg Moltu, presented status of energy & projects in Greencarrier, and future business plans for coming business development. "We strives to be a challenger and an alternative to the large global logistic companies. Our ambitions is to develop and deliver tailor products and solutions, and supported by highly competent and dedicated staff we are sure we can add values for our customers", Mr. Moltu said. He informed that Greencarrier Shipping &Logistics is proceeding with ISO 9001-2008 certifications and a brand new customer portal.

At the end of the Possibility Day, external speaker Christian J. Lien gave an enthusiastic speak of Incoterms 2010 under the title "Incoterms and a logistics regulator”. Mr. Lien is the Norwegian representative in International Chamber of Commerce and Accident and legal counsel of Fender Marine, a maritime insurer. "We aim to invite you to Incoterms 2010 training course by Mr. Lien later this year", Mr. Moltu said.

Facts: What is a Possibility Day?
When we at Greencarrier invites to various types of meetings and events, we call it a Possibility Day. We always want to share our and other experts’ knowledge but we also want to give a feeling of our mindset, the greatest asset we have, Yes, it’s possible!

For questions please contact:
Georg Skivik Moltu
+47 952 11 960

Greencarrier Freight Services in cooperation with P&O Ferrymasters

Pan-European logistics specialist P&O Ferrymasters has launched a daily FTL/LTL service between the Benelux/Ruhr areas and Estonia using a dedicated trailer fleet.

The new service is being run in conjunction with Greencarrier Freight Services – the second initiative between the companies following their agency agreement for Finland. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Greencarrier is one of the Nordic region’s largest privately-owned logistics groups, with Baltic Sea and east European markets prominent among its global operations.

Initially the service is targeted to move up to ten trailers per week. Greencarrier’s local personnel will handle sales in Estonia and offload/reload trailers on vessels calling there, while P&OFM will lead sales activity in Benelux and the Ruhr.

To integrate the operation, P&OFM has switched responsibility for its Benelux, Ruhr and Baltic states traffic from the CEE desk to its Nordic operation, both run from the Amsterdam office. The Nordic team controls a dedicated fleet of 60 own-trailers.

Amsterdam general manager Marcel Manshanden says: “With daily capacity for Estonia, we have enhanced the range and flexibility of our solutions for both new and existing customers. The initial uptake has already encouraged plans to extend our Baltic cooperation with Greencarrier to Lithuania and Latvia in the foreseeable future.”

Priit Mäggi, general manager of Greencarrier Estonia, adds: “P&O Ferrymasters is an excellent match for our further development plan, offering our customers high quality service in Estonia and the Benelux. Within a short time we have already achieved regular volumes between our countries. Furthermore, the partnership coupled with Estonia’s role as a gateway for transit cargo is an excellent basis for expanding LTL and FTL services to Russia.”

Meanwhile P&OFM also expects some spin-off from part-loads generated in France, Spain and the UK. The company would rebuild part-load trailers at its cross-docking base in Europoort or another Netherlands facility, the Nordic cross-dock terminal in Almelo, for onward delivery into the Baltic countries.

For more information visit

For more information please contact Priit Mäggi +37 256 802 860

Greencarrier expands Energy & Projects Business Unit

Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS is planning to expand its services to the oil and gas industry, appointing a new head of the energy and projects business unit and opening an office in Stavanger, Norway.

The Scandinavian company, which offers the full range of freight forwarding and logistics services, has identified project forwarding and the energy industry as two of its main target areas for growth in 2014.

Georg Skivik Moltu, who was previously head of oil & gas and projects in Northern Europe for Panalpina, has been appointed Director Global Energy & Project Solutions and is based in the new Stavanger office.

“We have already entered into several contracts and we are confident that the market will appreciate a Scandinavian-owned logistics and transport company as a challenger to the major global logistics players,” he says. “Like the rest of the Greencarrier offices in Scandinavia, the Stavanger office is staffed by highly experienced and knowledgeable people, many with specific oil & gas and project forwarding experience, and offers the full range of international and domestic freight forwarding and logistics services.”

Ronny Johannessen, who has decades of experience in freight forwarding and transportation, will lead the team at the Stavanger office, which opened on 1 January at Røynebergsletta 33 in the heart of the business district Forus/ Stavanger.

Øyvind Lygre, CEO of Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS, says: “We are pleased that skilled and knowledgeable people in the Stavanger area have taken the decision to join the Greencarrier team. We offer a Scandinavian company ownership approach, with healthy values and the right attitude to employees, customers and suppliers. These are important factors for success in this demanding market and we really look forward to the future development in Stavanger and within the Energy & Projects business unit.”

Georg Skivik Moltu adds: “We have ambitious development goals for energy and project work and I am confident that Greencarrier is the right company to achieve these. The company values – commitment, involvement, humour and joy – will support our business development process.”

For further information contact:

Øyvind Lygre , CEO
Mob : +47 90 54 18 95

Georg Skivik Moltu , Director Global Energy & Project Solutions
Mob : + 47 952 1196 0


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Christina Thulin
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The new vessel of Evergreen Line set new record of handled volumes

In the end of October Evergreen Line’s new 13,806-TEU vessel Thalassa Hellas made her maiden trip to Europe. She called the port of Rotterdam on 25 October and set a new record of handled volumes at the Europe Container Terminals (ECT) in Rotterdam.

11,500 TEUS was handled at her first port call in Europe which was a new record for ECT. The Europe Container Terminals (ECT) is the leading and most advanced container terminal operator in Europe, who handles a majority of all the containers passing through the port of Rotterdam.

Wando Boevé, CCO of ECT said in an interview: “We highly value our long lasting relationship with Evergreen and are proud of this new record. ECT is continuously investing in its capabilities to offer our customers all the facilities necessary to handle their vessels whatever the size. Our service however does not stop at the waterside as we also offer unprecedented possibilities for reliable and sustainable hinterland transport.” (

These large volumes that were handled during Thalssa Hellas first port visit shows Evergreen Line’s commitment to Rotterdam and ECT, which are their main hub port in North West Europe.

Evergreen steps into the league of mega ships

In the end of October will Evergreen’s new 13,806 TEU vessel Thalassa Hellas arrive to Europe. With Thalassa Hellas is Evergreen Line making its debut in the world of mega ships.

It’s the first vessel to be delivered in a series of ten 13,806-TEU container vessels for Evergreen Line.

The new vessels are built at Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea, and are designed in a new fuel-efficient way for slow-steaming. The vessels burn 175 tonnes less fuel per day, the same fuel consumption as a 8,000-TEU ship, and 75 tonnes less than earlier 14,000-TEU vessels.

Thalassa Hellas is on her way on her maiden trip, and in the end of this week she will call the ports in Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Hamburg and Zeebrugge who happily welcomes the new ship.

This investment clearly demonstrates that Evergreen Line is one of the biggest players in the market with the ambition of belonging to the world's largest shipping lines and it gives us as agent in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltics further opportunities to promote Evergreen Line in our market.

Evergreen received Lloyd's List Environmental Award

The Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2013 celebrated achievements in the global maritime industry on the 1st of October in London, where Evergreen Line was presented as the winner of the Environmental Award for 2013.

After a judging process Evergreen Line appeared as the top choice out of five shipping companies in the competition. Davis Lian, President of Evergreen Shipping Agency (U.K.), welcomed the award saying "It is a great credit to the Company. This Award recognises our commitment to bring the highest quality of service to our customers while preserving the global ecosystem. Striking a balance between providing transport services and being environmentally sensitive is not easy. But Evergreen's strong sense of social responsibility ensures that the company will consider every possible way of minimising its global footprint."

Lloyd's List is an English journal, providing shipping news on daily basis and have an important voice within global shipping industry. The Lloyd's List Global Awards have been presented every year since 1999 to reward outstanding performance and service innovation in the maritime industry.

This award also reflects Evergreen’s longterm environmental PGGM project which now has gained acknowledgement. The Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement (PGGM) project is in cooperation with Cambridge University in the UK and the National Central University in Taiwan, where data on levels of greenhouse gases are being collected from 9 Evergreen containerships. The project is one of the key contributions by Taiwan in the study of global warming and climate change.

During the last three years Evergreen have invested in 30 new eco-friendly L-type containerships which are constructed to improve energy utilization and to reduce CO2 emission by 15% compared to their earlier S-type vessels.

Read more about the winners in The Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2013 and about Evergreen’s environmental work:

The Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2013

Evergreen Line

Greencarrier Freight Services, Sweden helps Lagerhaus launch in Japan

Leading Swedish interior design company Lagerhaus has chosen Greencarrier Freight Services, Sweden to handle the logistics for its first shop outside Sweden.


The shop will open in the department store APITA Nishiyamato in the Nagoya-Osaka area, Japan on 9 October. Lagerhaus has been working closely with Uny, the owner of the APITA stores and one of the major retail companies in Japan, to prepare for the launch.


Greencarrier Freight Services will use its hub in Hong Kong to store the products and pick orders for the Japanese shop. Lagerhaus will open two more shops in Japan this year and has plans to open another 20 in the country over the next few years.

“We are delighted to be part of this exciting project for Lagerhaus,” says Peter Nevhagen, CEO, Greencarrier Freight Services.

“They are a highly valued customer and we are pleased to be able to provide the supply chain services they need for their Japanese venture.”


Greencarrier Freight Services operates a distribution centre in Gothenburg for Lagerhaus, where products from suppliers in Europe and Asia are stored and then picked and packed for distribution to the 34 Lagerhaus stores in Sweden. 
Lars Bonander, Lagerhaus, CEO, says there is great potential for the company in the Japanese market.

“The demand for designed homeware products at low prices is big in Japan. Since this is the essence of Lagerhaus core values, we see good opportunities for long term success.”

He added that he sees Greencarrier as an essential partner in the decision to launch in Japan.
“We needed to know the supply chain would be fast, reliable and cost-effective – so that the shop shelves would always be fully stocked. Our long-term relationship with Greencarrier in Sweden helped us make the decision to expand outside the country.”


For further information please contact:
Sofia Schultz
Marketing & Communications
Tel:  +46 (0) 31 85 79 44


The name change; Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AS is changing its name to Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS with effect from 2 September 2013.

Greencarrier Group, one of the Nordic region’s largest privately-owned transport companies, acquired Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics in 2011 as part of its long-term strategy to expand its services, both in the region and globally.

Øyvind Lygre, CEO of Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS, says most of the companies in the group are already branded ‘Greencarrier’.

“By bringing all the companies under the Greencarrier banner, we make it clearer to the market that we operate as a single united organization with all the benefits which that brings to our customers. It will also strengthen the name and reputation of the brand and facilitate increased co-operation with our sister companies and other partners.”

The Greencarrier Group operates in 13 markets, including China, and has more than 750 employees. It was, itself, previously known as the Björk.Eklund Group until early 2012 when it took the name Greencarrier from the Greencarrier Freight Services division which it owns.

Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS will continue to offer forwarding, shipping, terminals and port logistics services with the high degree of personal attention and commitment for which it is well-known.

It has offices in Bergen, Drammen, Moss, Kristiansand and Stavanger and all will take the new name as will the other Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AS company, Ths Arbo Høeg AS, based in Larvik, on 2 September. The new website address is:

The Greencarrier Group specializes in customized global transport and logistics solutions. Its business areas are Greencarrier Shipping and Logistics, Greencarrier Freight Services and Greencarrier Liner Agency. Its domestic market is the Nordic and Baltic countries, with global transport solutions focusing on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China.


Contact for further information:
Øyvind Lygre
Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS
Mobile: +47 90 54 18 95


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Greencarrier Freight Services acquires Trana Spedition

On Tuesday, 30 April, Greencarrier Freight Services Sweden acquired all shares in Trana Spedition. Based just outside Borås, Sweden, Trana’s road transport solutions to and from Finland makes it a great addition to the Greencarrier organization.  
“Trana Spedition is an outstanding and well-managed company,” says Peter Nevhagen, CEO at Greencarrier Freight Services International. “Its road transport solutions to and from Finland reinforce our focused initiatives in the Nordic and Baltic regions and make Trana an excellent addition to our organization. The acquisition will also bring us local offices near Borås and its exciting commercial sector.”
“Trana Spedition recognizes the many opportunities this acquisition will bring for both parties,” says Kenneth Sankala, who until today was CEO and owner of Trana Spedition, and will now stay on as Managing Director of operations in Länghem. “Greencarrier will offer us continued growth prospects in additional markets in the Baltic Sea region and in Eastern Europe.  
Founded in 1983, Trana Spedition AB is a privately owned Swedish logistics company dedicated to providing customers better and more personalized alternatives to transport services between Sweden and Finland. The company has six employees and a turnover of SEK 72 million in 2011. For now, Trana will continue to conduct its activities under the Trana name, and no other changes are being planned at present.
“With our shared vision on quality, precision, the environment and excellent personalized customer service,” continues Nevhagen, “I am confident that customers will see the advantages of Greencarrier’s acquisition of Trana Spedition.”
For more information, please contact:
Peter Nevhagen, CEO Greencarrier Freight Services International,
+46 31-85 79 89,

Kenneth Sankala, VD, Trana Spedition AB, +46 325-619962,

Greencarrier’s domestic rail transport solutions meet world’s most str

Over the last few years, Greencarrier has been focused on providing transport alternatives with the minimum level of environmental impact. “Now we have been rewarded for our work on the environment, as Greencarrier becomes the first logistics company to provide transport solutions under the ‘Good Environmental Choice’ seal,” explains Bengt Erlandsson, Business Development Manager for Greencarrier Freight Services International AB.

Naturskyddsföreningen (the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) has the world’s most stringent environmental requirements for companies seeking to obtain “Good Environmental Choice” certification for their freight transportation. To gain accreditation, companies must demonstrate that the fuel they consume comes primarily from renewable sources, as well as ensuring their air pollution emissions remain low.


“In practice, this means that long distance transport solutions can only qualify by using rail services, or combining rail and road-based transportation. Greencarrier has enjoyed an excellent partnership with Green Cargo, whose transport solutions have been certified since 1998.”


“We hope to be able to further expand this partnership in line with receiving growing numbers of enquires regarding ‘green’ transport solutions. This has particular importance for customers within the textile sector, who work under their own stringent environmental requirements and life cycle perspectives for their products and services, when making their choice of subcontractor,” adds Erlandsson.


The guiding principle underpinning “Good Environmental Choice” accreditation is that the transport service itself is certified; not the type of vehicle used. Assessment is made primarily on the basis of volumes of air pollution emission, in the form nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and hydrocarbons, during one year.


“Alongside renewable fuel, the fill ratio during transportation is a key parameter. The requirements can only be met in the event the return transport solution is also efficiently utilised and loaded,” advises Erlandsson.


When Greencarrier takes part in the Logistics & Transport trade fair at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Göteborg, on 29–30 May, more information will be available on the freight transport solutions which comply with the “Good Environmental Choice” requirements.


During the spring, Greencarrier became the first Swedish logistics operator to obtain “Good Environmental Choice” certification for the following rail services, operated in partnership with Green Cargo: Göteborg/Ystad – Skellefteå and Göteborg–Norrköping.


Bengt Erlandsson, Business Development Officer for Green Carrier, sees the certification as a key milestone in the company’s work on the environment.


Facts – “Good Environmental Choice” freight transport solutions
“Good Environmental Choice” is an independent environmental certification offered by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.


The certification aims to promote better choices taking into account nature, environmental and climatic factors.


Certification for freight transport solutions is divided into three categories: light goods (carriers), distribution and long-distance transport solutions. From a life cycle perspective, the use of renewable energy is analysed in combination with the emission of air pollution generated by operation and production of fuel. The fill ratio is also measured.

For more information, please contact:
Bengt Erlandsson, Business Development Manager for Greencarrier.
+46 (0)705-87 89 31,
Agneta Carlsson, Product Manager, Good Environmental Choice Transport Solutions, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation,
+46 (0)70-921 97 22,



New office in Dalian-Greencarrier Freight Services continue to expand

The Swedish-headquartered logistics specialist Greencarrier Freight Services, which has in recent years expanded substantially within the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, is continuing with its programme to create a network of offices in China.


Greencarrier already have over 50 staff in offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Shenzhen, Ningbo, Xiamen and Qingdao. It is now opening one more office in Dalian.
Next on the agenda says Niklas Olsson, MD of Greencarrier in China,  will be an office in Tianjin:
"We set the target in 2011 to have 8-10 offices in China by 2013 and we will reach that by the opening of our next office in Tianjin”.

”As we do in our southern offices, we will offer a complete range of logistics products including Sea/Air services, 3PL and distribution center solutions. For us, these sectors have become our specialities since there is considerable demand for companies with the skill to be able to manage these more complex activities.”


The Greencarrier office in Dalian opened for business on april 2nd  and is organized under Greencarrier Shanghai Limited and supervised by General Manager Heather Yang, Ocean Freight Operation Manager Elyn Wu and key contact for Customer Service  Kathy Le. Sales will be supported by Sales Manager Tero Ahonen. Heather Yang is in charge of the Greencarrier offices in central and north China, including Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and now Dalian.
Announcing this new office, Niklas Olsson said:
“Being in Dalian will enable us to offer a better service to our customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It means too that Greencarrier Asia can be closer to our customers in this particular region. Greencarrier Dalian will handle all ocean- and airfreight shipments, import and export, in both Dalian and  the Liaoning province.”
Late last year Greencarrier opened the office in Qingdao and together with the planned office in Tianjin (port of capitol Beijing) the Nordic based forwarder will cover the whole coastline with presence in all the major ports. “As we are close to reach our goal of representation in the major coastal region of China, we are starting to plan for development further to the western inland of China, with Chongqing as one option”, says Niklas Olsson. Greencarrier Freight Services  also offers a variety of added-value services including facilities for sorting, order picking, re-marking, shrink wrapping and labeling of goods. 


Office details:
Greencarrier Dalian Ltd
Room 1909 Times Building, No.7 Gangwan Street, Dalian China
Tel: +86-411-6289 9810
FAX:+86-411-8279 8077


Customer Service main contact:
Kathy Le
Oceanfreight operator
Direct: + 86 21 60950955

Greencarrier sets sail with the Swedish East India Company

This morning an agreement was signed between the Swedish East India Company and the Swedish transportation company Greencarrier. The Swedish East India Company is the owner of the 18th-century East Indiaman sailing ship, Götheborg. Götheborg will over the next two years be used as a marketing platform to strengthen Greencarrier’s brand.

It was today, Thursday, February 7, representatives from both companies met to sign a two-year contract with Greencarrier, who becomes the official partner of the Swedish sailing vessel Götheborg and the ship's European Tour 2013. 

Götheborg is a remarkable ship. Built in 2005, she is an 18th century ship replicated without any of the original drawings. Using the tools, building methods and materials of the 18th century, she also fulfils all modern safety requirements. Today she is the largest wooden sailing ship in the world. 

With Götheborg as a marketing platform, we will now focus on strengthening our brand further, says Stefan Björk, Chairman and co-owner of Greencarrier:

“The ship is a unique symbol that both amplifies and visualises our motto and mindset ‘Yes, it's possible!’" 

Greencarrier was founded in 2000 and is today one of the largest Nordic privately owned transport groups. The company has over 750 employees in 13 countries, with a focus on Eastern Europe and Asia. Turnover for the Group in 2012: €380m.

Håkan Beskow, president of the Swedish East India Company, stated:

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Greencarrier on board as the new official partner for our vessel. The agreement has given us new wind in our sails and this is the beginning of a new period of sailing expeditions for Götheborg.

“Greencarrier’s commitment means that Götheborg can realise the four-month summer European Tour 2013. This is expected to last between May and September, and the ship will visit several cities where Greencarrier operates.”

For more information and questions please contact:

Stefan Björk, Chairman, Greencarrier
on tel: +46 31 85 55 29, email:

Asa Nydén, Corporate Communications, Greencarrier 
on tel: +46 31 85 32 44, email:

Hakan Beskow, President, Swedish East India Company 
on +46 738 23 38 00  email:

Emanuel Persson, Expedition Leader, Swedish East India Company
on +46 704 54 77 98, email:

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Want to be one of us?

We are looking for passionate team members with experience from our line of business. If you are interested in working with us at Greencarrier, please send your CV and application to the contact person below.



This Year’s Christmas Donation to WWF, Save the Baltic Sea

This year Greencarrier will give a Christmas donation to WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) and their work to save the Baltic Sea.

This project has been chosen as the environment is especially important to us and a focus area for our CSR work, and as the Baltic Sea area is our home market.


WWF and the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea has a unique ecosystem with a fantastic animal and plant life. But it is also a sea in crisis. The marine environment is very sensitive and is affected by everything that happens in and around the ocean, partly by eutrophication and overfishing but also through our own actions.


WWF offices around the Baltic Sea are working together to protect the Baltic Sea from overfishing, to stop eutrophication and dangerous emissions of pollutants, creating safer shipping and reduce spills.

Björk.Eklund Group changes its name to Greencarrier AB

The Björk.Eklund Group is changing its name to Greencarrier AB with effect from 1 February 2012. Previously the Greencarrier name had only been used by companies that formed part of Greencarrier Freight Services, the division of the Björk.Eklund Group offering customised logistics and transport solutions worldwide.

Now the majority of Group companies not currently branded Greencarrier will also change their names to reflect their membership of the Greencarrier Group. This includes the Greenship/Loadmasters liner agency division that represents Evergreen Line in several markets within the Nordic/Baltic region. Only the Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics division will maintain a separate identity.

According to Björn Eklund, CEO of the newly renamed Greencarrier AB, the Björk.Eklund Group has grown continuously over the last few years and today has approximately 650 employees working under several brands in ten different markets including China. He explains that the decision to consolidate the company’s brands under one name will boost the global profile of its various activities and reflect the Group’s commitment to provide its customers with environmentally sustainable transport solutions:

“By minimising the number of company names, our aim is to communicate even more clearly as well as to facilitate business for our customers, partners and future employees. 

“From an organisational and practical perspective, these changes will simply mean that there will be a new company name on our doors, invoices, business cards and stationery. Our phone numbers, contact persons and corporate registration numbers will remain the same. New e-mail addresses will be used, although the old ones will continue to work for a while longer. From now on, our website will be

Note to Editors:

For further information on Greencarrier, please see or contact:

Christina Thulin, Corporate Communications
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Greencarrier establishes a strong foothold in the UK

The Swedish-headquartered logistics specialist Greencarrier, which has in recent years expanded substantially within the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, has now established a permanent presence in the UK with the acquisition of PTS UK Ltd. The agreement was signed on 12 April, 2011 and the acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of May.

PTS UK Ltd, which is to be renamed Greencarrier PTS Ltd in due course, has its headquarters within the Ipswich Dock area, just 12 miles (20km) from the UK’s leading container port, Felixstowe.

Greencarrier has been working with PTS as its UK partner for five years and an excellent relationship has been developed with its management team, all of whom will be retained.

New offices in Ningbo and Xiamen in China

The Swedish-headquartered logistics specialist Greencarrier, which has in recent years expanded substantially within the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, is continuing with its programme to create a network of offices in China.

Greencarrier already had over 30 staff in offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It is now opening two more offices, one in Ningbo and the other in Xiamen.
Next on the agenda says Niklas Olsson, CCO of Greencarrier International, will be an office in Northern China:
"We are looking at Dalian, Qingdao and Tianjin and have set a target date of early 2012, although it may happen before that.

Greencarrier Freight Services Finland has appointed new MD

With effect from 13 December, Jarmo Halonen has been appointed Managing Director for Greencarrier Freight Services Finland.

Jarmo Halonen has wide experience of international freight forwarding and prior to joining Greencarrier from Itella Logistics, held the position of Managing Director at the Kauko Group, which was subsequently acquired by Itella in 2008.

Announcing Mr Halonen's appointment, Greencarrier Freight Services' CEO, Peter Nevhagen, said:

"Greencarrier has a clear ambition to expand its business in the Nordic region and with Jarmo at the helm, I am confident that Greencarrier will grow in strenght within this market".

"Jarmo will be responsible for developing a stronger Greencarrier presence in Finland and will report directly to me", added Mr Nevhagen.

Mr Halonen will also become a co-partner in Grencarrier Freight Services Finland togehter with Ari Malvela, who will develop road freight, and Pekka Kock, who will be in charge of finance/administration.

Greencarrier Danmark åbner kontor i Aarhus

Den 1 maj kommer Greenship Logistics i Aarhus, Danmark, til at skifte navn til Greencarrier og bliver dermed Greencarriers tredje danske kontor. Greencarrier Danmark har hovedkontor i Herlev og yderligere et kontor i Glostrup.

Claus Sørensen, som tidligere var ansvarlig for Greenship Logistics danske virksonhed kommer til at forsætte som Branch Manager på Aarhus kontoret.


For mere information se eller kontakt Jan Carstens, Managing Director for Greencarrier Danmark A/S

Greencarrier Denmark opens new office in Aarhus

On May 1st Greenship Logistics in Aarhus, Denmark, will start operating under the name Greencarrier and will become Greencarrier’s third Danish office.

Claus Sørensen, manager of Greenship Logistics in Denmark, will continue as Branch Manager for the office in Aarhus.


Greencarrier Denmark has its head office in Herlev (Copenhagen) and a branch office in Glostrup.


Contact details to the Aarhus office will soon be available at